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I hope you enjoy visiting my online home. The menu above will direct you to my four blogs. The “Book” menu will give you options for purchasing books.

In my blogs, I write about the things I love…my home and family, my heritage, and what I have learned about writing. My spiritual reflections are posted on the “Blogging” page.

For the most part, photos used on this website are my own and are the essence of the everyday life of the writer. I want to share these inspiring moments with you, my faithful readers. I love to hear from you so please share your thoughts.

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 During the misty and cloudy days of the dark ages, light begins to break   through the spiritual obscurity. Brave men and courageous women live and love during this terrifying time in history. Follow Peter and Jenny in their perilous journey to find truth.


In my upcoming book, THE BROKEN SPEAR, book 1 in a 3 book series set in Scotland during the early days of the Protestant Reformation, I have written a tale of tragedy and triumph, of heroism and bravery. Using historical fact, I include my Carmichael ancestor’s involvement in those remarkable events of that day.

My protagonist is the dynamic activist, Peter Carmichael, a vibrant and forceful character who took part in the slaying of Cardinal Beaton, was captured at the siege of St. Andrews, sent to the galley ships with John Knox, and incarcerated at Mount St. Michel’s, a prison on an island off the coast of France.

Without revealing too much of the story, my carefully researched characters interact with the Carmichaels of the Clyde Valley, a Scottish clan of influence and of beguiling characters lifted from the pages of history and from my Carmichael lineage. Peter’s moving story is true; recorded in history as factual…but historians write after the actual event. Can this ‘after the fact’ information be trusted? I, the writer, envision the impacting scenes that happened between the lines, pen those tender and stirring words never recorded, remember love known only in secret, and write about the honor and integrity of those whose brave deeds were never valued or remembered…except by God.