The Wildrose Trilogy

The Wild Rose of Lancaster, Wild Rose of Promise and Sword of the Wild Rose are available at all the major book retailers. Learn more by clicking here.

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The Wildrose trilogy audio books are now available.

• Sword of the Wild Rose: and

• Wild Rose of Promise:

• The Wild Rose of Lancaster:

The Wild Rose Video Trailers

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From the Author...

Welcome to my website and I hope you enjoy visiting my online home. The menu above will direct you to my four blogs. The “Book” menu will give you options for purchasing books online.

In my blogs, I write about the things I love…my home and family, my heritage, and what I have learned about writing. My spiritual reflections are posted on the “Blogging” page.

For the most part, photos used on this website are taken by my husband. We endeavor to capture the essence of the everyday life of the writer and of life as a Shepherdess, wife to my pastor and husband. I share these inspiring moments with you, my faithful readers. I love to hear from you so please share your thoughts.

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Meet Ruth Ellinger

Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

Ruth at Lifeway

In my home…a cup of tea, sweetened with honey, a book to read…perhaps to write, and a warm hand tucked in mine. These things delight me; make my home a refuge from all that would trouble me. Beneath this roof, I find a place of beauty and comfort, things that I love, that offer constant joy and inspiration. Over the years, I have carefully created an ambiance that inspires my soul, that gives, over and over—happiness with no attachments.

At my birth, home was in Ohio, setting for the ‘Wildrose’ book series. I lived on the family farm among the valleys and hills.