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“Those who don’t understand and learn from the historic events that have impacted our world, will surely be doomed to repeat it. World changing historic events must be exposed and studied so that we don’t fall into another repetitious disaster.” ― Ruth Carmichael Ellinger In my much delayed historical set in the 16th century, I write about my ancestor’s involvement in the Protestant Reformation, a spiritual awakening that shook the world. Using actual historic fact, I focus on the Scottish Carmichaels, a lowland clan who played a unique and dangerous role in this spiritual saga. I found myself so fascinated…

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# 5 in Ruth’s Rules of “Rriting”

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(Which is to say…really?) Finish the project! (And yes, I’m working on one right now) COMPLETE YOUR WRITING PROJECT! If you would be a serious writer, you must finish your project. Thinking about it and dreaming about it, won’t finish it. You must write until you complete the project. If you want an editor to take you seriously, you must have a completed manuscript, polished and edited. Editors won’t offer a contract on even a proposal without some guarantee that they’ll actually get a completed manuscript.

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“One key element with any writing project is finding the connection of writer to reader. This is something every writer strives for. A connection must be made or your writing will just be words on a page.” “Writing can be a very emotional form of communication, of connection. Just look at all the Facebook blurbs posted every day about something that someone feels deeply about.” Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

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When writing historical fiction

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“When writing historical fiction, there are key elements you should weave throughout the story, and if tastefully and skillfully done, it works to engage the reader emotionally and will sound very believable. The key elements or the heart of your story, should touch the reader in a way they can relate perfectly, even though the story took place centuries before.” Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

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Writing Rules

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“Before you break the writing rules, you should know the rules, then you can break them, and if it is tastefully and skillfully done, you will remain true to your own voice.” Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

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  Ruth Carmichael Ellinger www.ruthellinger.com   THE INSPIRED WRITER – FIRW WORKSHOP 2015   Ten ways to Spark your Creativity 1.    Understand Where Inspiration Comes From The first thing we need to recognize is that God is the basis of all inspiration. If we keep this in mind, we can count on Him to move through us as we write for Him. Inspirational writing expresses the writer’s thoughts and feelings in an inspiring, imaginative, moving, and thought provoking way. Everything we see in this world; in nature, in people we know or meet as we journey through life, experiences we…

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Historic book based on my family history

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During a period in the dark ages of history, 500 AD – 1500 AD, the entire world was held in the grip of spiritual darkness. Then suddenly, at the onset of the 16th century, a tiny flame begins to flicker. Immediately, the darkness tries to smother the flame, and though the light is nearly extinguished, it rises again through the voices of brave men and women who dare to challenge the deception and abuses of the Papal Church of Rome. Over time, apostasy took root and the result was a highly structured political power with authority so absolute that it…

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No self-promoting author can achieve success without a few essential resources. You need to know who to contact and how to contact them. Media directories are plentiful, and some are actually affordable. Shop around and get one. One of the most popular is the series of Bacon’s media directories, but there are many available. But what about non-media publicity resources? Book signings and speaking engagements are excellent ways to get books moving and create word-of-mouth awareness. A book such as The Book Seller’s List — a directory of book stores and other outlets — puts the information right at your…

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Watch for the 2015 brochure for Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat The retreat is normally the first week of October and brochures will be available this spring in hard copy and online registration forms.

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