Wild Rose of Promise

Author Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

Author’s Note

After publishing The Wild Rose of Lancaster, my readers suggested that I continue writing about the lives of the characters they had now come to love. After some time of reflection, I felt I could continue with another book that focused not only on Elizabeth but on her parents, Isaac and Delilah whose unequal yoke was a conflict begging for resolution. Although I never new my great grandparents, Elizabeth had told stories enough and there was interest enough to continue with the significant events of their lives.

Jacob Davidson, my great uncle and Elizabeth’s brother, I do remember as an old man. My most vivid memory is of Jacob kneeling to pray before he left the farm. He prayed for me, for our family and the future he could not see. He was a happy man, serving God all his days.

Elizabeth was active in the suffrage movement and I was able to follow her movements by postcards that she kept announcing meetings and events that she attended. She was a keeper of letters, cards, and receipts of every kind. I rescued these from a throw away bag after the death of my parents. It was a treasure trove of information. I loved writing this book and I hope you will love reading it.

The Author



Award-winning Author, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger, continues the Davidson saga with Elizabeth Davidson Cameron, the impulsive and independent young widow who is overwhelmed with doubt when Dr. Stephen Whitman proposes marriage. Her high spirits and stubborn ways, characteristic of her Scottish ancestry and cause her much grief. Refusing marriage, she throws herself into the ongoing Suffrage Movement, sending her on a dark and dangerous journey.

Too late, she realizes her love for Dr. Stephen Whitman, but he has found a new interest and will soon be going away. How can she win him back and would he still want her?

Jacob, youngest son of the influential Davidsons of Lancaster Ohio, is devastated when the law of sowing and reaping come to his own doorstep, dashing any hope of a future with Caroline, and unknowingly leaving a child alone and unwanted. Jacob is forced to make a decision that will alter the future for the youngest of the Davidson sons. As Jacob of old, he wrestles with God and finds the touch of God that cripples, becomes his strength.

Entering the new decade of 1880, Isaac and Delilah Davidson endeavor to put the pieces of their estranged marriage back together. Isaac finds his Christian faith a challenge, and Delilah prays for God to untangle the web of doubt and mistrust, and bring Isaac back to her.

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Ohio Valley, the Davidsons of Wildrose face the challenges of life in the new decade.