“Those who don’t understand and learn from the historic events that have impacted our world, will surely be doomed to repeat it. World changing historic events must be exposed and studied so that we don’t fall into another repetitious disaster.”

― Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

In my much delayed historical set in the 16th century, I write about my ancestor’s involvement in the Protestant Reformation, a spiritual awakening that shook the world. Using actual historic fact, I focus on the Scottish Carmichaels, a lowland clan who played a unique and dangerous role in this spiritual saga. I found myself so fascinated with Peter Carmichael and his amazing story that I knew I would write about it. Researching the Carmichael’s involvement was an arduous task, but I struck gold and became rich in my spirit with the digging out of this amazing tale. My new publishing date will be announced later.bystander