The New Year , 2014 – Where Will it Lead?


William Davidson’s New Year’s Blessing, 1879

From Wildrose of Promise, Chapter 18

Author Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

“I wish to bestow a New Year’s blessing on a’ the Davidsons,” William began. Rising from the table, he lifted his arm in a toast. “An’ to a’ the Davidson childer, their sons an’ sons’ childer and their daughters for a thousan’ years to come. I humbly ask the Lord to be Ye gracious to us an’ send doon mountains o’ gold an acres of lands to every Davidson born in the world.”

Smiles of agreement accompanied William’s statement.

“An’, oh Lord,” William continued, “send doon swords an’ pistols an’ dirks, as many as the sands on the seashore to destroy our enemies; the MacPhersons, Clan Ranalds, Clan Cameron, (except for Lizzie and wee Jamie), and the Armstrongs who betrayed us an’ fought agin us in 1370. An’ Lord, we bear no grudge an’ have forgiven their dirty deeds long ago. May auld acquaintance be forgot and ne’r brought to mind.”

Elizabeth hid a smile behind her hand.

“An’, oh Lord,” William went on, “bless a’ the horses and beasties on Wildrose an’ all our farms, an’ the wee cow…make it a big cow.”

A sound, like low mooing, came from the direction of William’s twin sons.

“An’, oh Lord,” William said with earnest emotion, “bless a’ the wee bairns; yon Jamie, Winston, Marianne, Sarah Faye, Deborah, Chad and Charlie, Maggie an’ Derick, an’ baby Delilah.”

All the children giggled and looked quite pleased to be included.

“An’, oh Lord,” said William raising his punch glass, “build up a great and mighty wall, like unto Hadrian’s Wall, between us an’ the English, an’ put broken bottles on the top, so they cannae come over.”

Isaac raised his eyebrows in astonishment at this strange request.

“An lastly’ oh Lord,” William said in his final appeal, “if ye hae anything guid to give, dunna give it to the English, but give it to your chosen people, the Scots, especially to Clan Davidson an’ a’ their friends and descendants forever. Glorious be ye now and forever more. Amen.”