Mother’s Day Tea

 Teatime Treasures
The cake plate has a thistle design and makes a wonderful centerpiece
Anna and Olivia
 Vintage treasures
 Great Grandmother Emma’s teapot. Each night she took this to bed with her favorite tea
Favorite things
 The lovliness and fragrance of lilacs
When spring arrives, it is time to have tea in the garden beneath the blooming jasmine that has taken over the garden fence and are working its way up to climb the roof. I love the smell of spring, especially the jasmine and gardenia
The Colors of spring
It is spring in our part of the country and I must show off the beautiful orchids my husband grows. They are a particular plant and prefer a certain type of light exposure and not too much water. The colors are so vivid and the petals have such detail. Only god could have created such a masterpiece of beauty.
 The orchids are on the south side, just under the eaves and outside  of the screened porch. Sometimes in the hot summer, they must be moved to shade the delicate blooms. The blooms last a long time.