Sword of the Wild Rose

Author Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

The prequel to books 1 & 2

Author’s Note

“Two vastly different men—One war

In Sword of the Wild Rose, I have attempted to weave my story through the many significant events leading up to the American Revolution. This particular time and the people of that day have intrigued my imagination for many years. To write this novel, I chose one of my own ancestors, Derick Davidson, and pulled stories from the events of his life and placed him at the onset of the American Revolution. (where he really was). I relied heavily on my supporting characters, Daniel Morgan, the real life hero of Saratoga and Cowpens, and one of the most colorful and beloved characters of that time.”

Morgan was a patriot in every sense of the word, having suffered forty-nine stripes on his bare back at the hands of the British. He was a brawling, cursing, hulk of a man, but an endearing character, whose contribution to the Revolutionary War was unparalleled. He and his company of riflemen were significant participants in the war effort and America owes much to this steadfast company of sharp shooters that kept things hot and exciting for the British during the war for independence.

And what is a book without a wee bit of romance? Although I am not a serious romance writer and my couples barely get the chance at a kiss, I am a firm believer in romance, aye to be sure, and I do like to incorporate this lovely aspect of the human spirit: the need for love, and to be loved in return. I create this element of emotion and sentiment from my own experience on the subject. Aye, lads and lassies, what is life without love?



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The compelling prequel in the Wildrose series, Sword of the Wild Rose, tugs at your heartstrings and keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is a story as fresh and relevant as today’s headlines. Ellinger explores the meaning of liberty, courage, honor, and patriotism while weaving a mosaic of history that is colorful, complex, and constantly riveting. With amazing attention to detail, the author creates a fascinating array of characters who are compelling, passionate, richly crafted and as memorable as your first love.

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GEORGE R. SCHEMBER Masterful…credible…delightful…

In her latest historical novel, Sword of the Wild Rose, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger not only tells an endearing story, but also accurately portrays the character and spirit of Daniel Morgan, a real life revolutionary war general in America’s War of Independence. Masterful…credible…delightful…

GEORGE is a distinguished Virginia historian, President of the Winchester Frederick County Historical Society, and holds an MA in history, University of Tennessee



(Prequel) to books 1 & 2

The protagonist in the inspirational/historical novel, Sword of the Wild Rose, is an ancestor of the Davidson family in the two previous novels in the Wildrose Series by award-winning author, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger.
Book 1, The Wild Rose of Lancaster, and book 2, Wild Rose of Promise. Sword of the Wild Rose is a ‘prequel’ to books 1 & 2.

The story tells of Clan Davidson’s struggle to survive through the heart-wrenching years of exile from Scotland and their effort to gain a foothold in their new homeland—America. One man, Derick Davidson, is determined to succeed.

This setting is colonial America, 1773, just prior to the American Revolution. The time frame covers Derick’s life in colonial America and his eventual settling in the Ohio Valley on the future Davidson estate, Wildrose.

After his ship arrives in Boston, 1773, Derick meets Daniel Morgan, the colourful and controversial character who later becomes the famed Revolutionary War hero of Saratoga. The Colonies are on the brink of revolution and Derick again finds himself facing his age-old enemy—the English. Morgan teaches Derick the ways of the American frontiersmen and they form a lifelong and loyal friendship.

During his sojourn in the turbulent American Colonies, Derick seeks an answer to the age-old question—why, God? The death of his young wife, his unlawful act of revenge, and the loss of his children, continually plague his mind.

In Virginia, Derick finds a friend in Morgan’s neighbour, the beautiful and winsome Kearan Mackenzie, and discovers in her youthful honesty, a comfort and diversion for his grief. Kearan’s heart is torn by love for the handsome Scotsman and her knowledge of his dark past. She longs to help him but he is lost in a world of painful memories that shut her out. She determines to find a way to make him love her.

Years after his arrival in America, Derick encounters a young man during an Indian skirmish along the Ohio River and is overcome when he discovers the youth is his youngest son, William, (referenced in books 1 and 2) who has come to America in search of his father. Their poignant and emotional reunion and subsequent relationship are the beginnings of a permanent home for this branch of Clan Davidson in America.

The spiritual journey of Derick Davidson is comparable to his literal quest for freedom from his literal oppressors. This ongoing quest expresses the longing of the soul to be free—even though he cannot understand this common heart-felt human need.

It is only when Derick comes face to face with himself that he truly understand that God is the Giver of true spiritual freedom—freedom of the soul. The plan that is unfolding in Derick’s life is a plan that only God himself could orchestrate to bring peace to his troubled life. He finds a peace that passes understanding and a freedom greater than any King or country has to offer.



SWORD OF THE WILD ROSE Prequel to books 1 & 2

Derick Davidson; exiled Scot, and Daniel Morgan, Winchester Virginia’s colorful militia captain, are bound together by one burning desire—to be free. Morgan is determined to secure America’s independence and Davidson has set his course against British tyranny. Their journey to freedom is a turbulent and dangerous undertaking, but their quest forges a lasting friendship, and for Davidson, an unexpected romance. They learn that love and war both brandish a two-edged sword, yet there is another sword—one that will cut to the very thought and intent of the human heart.


Back of Book

When his young wife is murdered in a senseless raid, Derick Davidson, son of a Scottish chieftain, seeks revenge. He is suspect by the English authorities and flees Scotland, arriving in Boston at the onset of the American Revolution. Inside his heart, another war rages—a deadly conflict that challenges the very core of his political and spiritual beliefs. He follows one burning desire—to be free.

Daniel Morgan, frontiersman and Patriot, befriends the exiled Davidson. He takes him to Virginia where Davidson meets the winsome and beautiful Kearan Mackenzies. He teaches her to sword fight and Kearan learns the secrets of his troubled past. She tells him of another freedom—a liberty greater than King or country has to offer.

Derick is reunited with his uncle ‘the Longhunter’, former soldier of the Black Watch, and both men are engaged in the first battle of the American Revolution. After the battle, they are captured by Wyandot Indians. Escape seems impossible, death inevitable. During this terrible impasse, the Longhunter points Derick to another weapon—a two edged sword that slashes to the very thoughts of his heart.

Filled with danger, intrigue, and unconditional love, Sword of the Wild Rose is the story of one man’s spiritual journey from the depths of heartbreak and revenge to the liberating experience of divine forgiveness.