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Little Folks

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This old children’s storybook belonged to my father, Arthur Clark Carmichael, 1905 -2000. It survived years of change, from the days of horse and buggy, the years of the Great Depression, and to our present age of advanced technology. The pages are quite delicate at this time but still hold a charm and story that all children can relate to. A child’s first books are long remembered into adulthood. I remember my first books; read to me by my mother or father. The innocent mind of a child truly appreciates the worth of a good storybook.

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Where are your family’s treasured recipes?

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Where are your family’s treasured recipes? Where Do I Begin to Create a Family Recipe Book? Begin by planning to research your family’s recipes and the favorite meals that have been handed down from generation to generation. Start with the recipes that you have in your possession. You are probably already cooking the meals that were your favorites when you were growing up. These recipes may not be written down, but instead, have been handed down from the previous generation simply by telling or showing how it was done. Preserving these tried and true, old family favorites by writing them…

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Summer Garden

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The rainy season has begun here in Florida and that means mowing our three acre lawn every week. However, the garden is prolific with flowers and plants that grow in our semi-tropical climate. My husband is the gardener and he loves growing things. In fact, he loves it so much that he can hardly bear to trim and cut and take a sickly plant out. He has a plant hospital behind the guest house where he nurses them back to health. A pastor’s heart… Some of our favorites.   

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Our summer get-away

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            Our summer cottage in F airfield Co. Ohio is the perfect place for a get-away. The cottage was built in 1882 and still retains much of the quaint and charming  interior of those early days. We have upgraded the outside with new siding and windows and a deck on the back that overlooks a ravine.  It is not winterized so it is definitely a summer home but a home away from home.

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In December, we took photos of our visit to Ohio and to the farm where I grew up, a place I still call “home”. My sister Laura and her husband, Steve, still live there and it is always so welcoming and cozy. Laura has a touch for decorating and the farm reflects her style of primitive decor. It suits the farmhouse well. I always leave with a little sadness but I am so glad that the farm is still part of all our lives. It is truly a legacy. The Carmichae4l farm near Sugar Grove Ohio    The farmhouse, a…

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Winter Memories

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In this farm scene, you can see the road that meanders along the Carmichael farm where I grew up. Dad’s old hay rake rests unused now, and when I go home, I see Dad there, his rough hands working to provide for his family. That same road brought my husband to me and then…took me away again. Wright took this photo on our recent trip home. It is forever etched on my memory, especially in wintertime.  

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Autumn scenes…

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 On the Ohio farm where I grew up, there are always pumpkins for sale. This one was the king of pumpkins SEASONS OF LIFE I cannot return to spring again To plant when sowing days are gone, Nor till the still soft earth of spring When summer suns have come and gone. Lord, help me know my times on earth To work the plan Your hand does show, Oh, let me bring at harvest time A life made whiter than the snow. ©ruthellinger2000

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Our Maine Mini-Vacation

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The inspiring sea coast of Maine. Our five day mini vacation Enjoy! A place of shelter. The tower is a storehouse of food and water   Head lighthouse, picture perfect    Flower garden near chocolate shop  Memorial to fisherman who dedicate their life to the sea  Lobster shack  Lobster traps  Misty path to the sea  Purple Clematis  Queen Anne’s lace  A memory garden  Beautiful  rocky coast  View from the bedroom Another gorgeous sunset A quilter hangs out her quilts in the yard. I loved looking A Scottish thistle among the flowers…just for me I think Looking from our cottage. Sunsets…

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Mother’s Day Tea

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 Teatime Treasures   The cake plate has a thistle design and makes a wonderful centerpiece Anna and Olivia  Vintage treasures  Great Grandmother Emma’s teapot. Each night she took this to bed with her favorite tea Favorite things  The lovliness and fragrance of lilacs When spring arrives, it is time to have tea in the garden beneath the blooming jasmine that has taken over the garden fence and are working its way up to climb the roof. I love the smell of spring, especially the jasmine and gardenia The Colors of spring It is spring in our part of the country…

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The Art Shows

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During the months of January and February, we have our most delightful weather. The strawberries are ripe and the festivals abound all over the state. Audry’s art projects did especially well this year, winning three first place and 2 second places. Here are photos of her latest projects. Audry is 12 years and an aspiring artist. The photos do not do justice to the actual artwork (of course)    

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