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Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

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In my home…a cup of tea, sweetened with honey, a book to read…perhaps to write, and a warm hand tucked in mine. These things delight me; make my home a refuge from all that would trouble me. Beneath this roof, I find a place of beauty and comfort, things that I love, that offer constant joy and inspiration. Over the years, I have carefully created an ambiance that inspires my soul, that gives, over and over—happiness with no attachments.

At my birth, home was in Ohio, setting for the ‘Wildrose’ book series. I lived on the family farm among the valleys and hills, creeks and streams, rolling farmland and small village. The soil dried between my toes and never quite washed away, so I am part of it…still. Yet, I have known other homes, other climes, places where majestic mountain peaks and blooming deserts have been home to me. I have known the sun in its strength, winter snows where icicles reach to the ground, but in every place, I have made my home. Yet…another home in faraway Caledonia calls to me, a place that is suffused into my being.

Coming from a legacy of Scottish ancestors, I am endowed with the blood of that race, traits that lie buried deep inside me, sometimes coming to the surface to surprise even me, a bloodline that formed my character, my personality, my likes and dislikes, parts of my nature that are infused genetically and were nurtured and fostered by family. From my grandparents came a love of the land, and generations before that, a love of freedom, both physical and spiritual. I cannot live without freedom—freedom to choose, to worship God and to go where He directs. Those things are invaluable to me, a part of who I am.

As a writer, I strive to be true to myself, to my readers, to all who know me, and most of all, true to God, to a conscience that could only come from a Creator far greater than I can understand or wrap my brain around. As a pastor’s wife and a shepherdess of a spiritual flock, I seek balance in my personal life, wisdom to help guide the flock, always desiring to be a blessing and help to my husband, the pastor. To my godly husband, I am wife, soul mate; his only love and he…mine.

To the three children born of our love, and to the one who was born in our heart, I desire to leave the same legacy left to me by the generations who have gone before. A love for God and home and country, a passion for freedom and to be a light to those who sit in darkness and to those who follow me.

Although the farm in the Midwest will always be near and dear to my heart, where I now live is the heart-warmth of home for this time. As the years unfold before me, I strive to move forward with the times, but I will never forget the past, the things that made me who I am.

When I piece together the fragments of my ancestors lives, lived so long ago in a country that rumbles beneath my feet as though calling to a wandering child, I see myself in the people, I understand their struggles, believe in their dreams and know that once, I belonged to them and they are part of me…still…still. Other places I have known, both real and spiritual. I share these ‘other places’ with you in my books and in my writing. I pray that God will bless every reader.

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Ruth Carmichael Ellinger