Our Maine Mini-Vacation

The inspiring sea coast of Maine. Our five day mini vacation
A place of shelter. The tower is a storehouse of food and water
Head lighthouse, picture perfect
 Flower garden near chocolate shop
 Memorial to fisherman who dedicate their life to the sea
 Lobster shack
 Lobster traps
 Misty path to the sea
 Purple Clematis
 Queen Anne’s lace
 A memory garden
 Beautiful  rocky coast
 View from the bedroom
Another gorgeous sunset
A quilter hangs out her quilts in the yard. I loved looking
A Scottish thistle among the flowers…just for me I think
Looking from our cottage. Sunsets every night
The cottage next door
I could stay all summer
We bought lobster from the shack and cooked them ourselves. So good!
This place is hydrangea heaven
The Lighthouse, my favorite

Garen by the sea

The coast
Too big for the plate
Scottish thistle
Pink clouds
Sea shells and wild roses