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“Those who don’t understand and learn from the historic events that have impacted our world, will surely be doomed to repeat it. World changing historic events must be exposed and studied so that we don’t fall into another repetitious disaster.” ― Ruth Carmichael Ellinger In my much delayed historical set in the 16th century, I write about my ancestor’s involvement in the Protestant Reformation, a spiritual awakening that shook the world. Using actual historic fact, I focus on the Scottish Carmichaels, a lowland clan who played a unique and dangerous role in this spiritual saga. I found myself so fascinated…

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Historic book based on my family history

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During a period in the dark ages of history, 500 AD – 1500 AD, the entire world was held in the grip of spiritual darkness. Then suddenly, at the onset of the 16th century, a tiny flame begins to flicker. Immediately, the darkness tries to smother the flame, and though the light is nearly extinguished, it rises again through the voices of brave men and women who dare to challenge the deception and abuses of the Papal Church of Rome. Over time, apostasy took root and the result was a highly structured political power with authority so absolute that it…

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Edinburgh Scotland in June

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This was our first trip to Scotland in the month of June. Usually, we go in September when the tourist season is over, school and college classes resumed, and the weather is still very pleasant. This year, our two daughters planned a birthday trip (both have birthdays in the spring) so we packed our rain gear and hoped for the best. Never had to use our umbrellas once. Fantastic! My main objective this trip was a research field trip to St. Andrews to find more details on the siege of St. Andrews in 1546 and trace my ancestor’s involvement in…

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The Scottish Targe

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The Scottish Targe While visiting Glenlaurel Scottish Inn for our anniversary in December, I noted a Scottish targe used in the Christmas décor on the mantel in the manor house. I would love to own one myself and there are a number of targe makers who are willing to make a targe to your specifications. But until that day, here are some facts about targes that may interest you.   The typical Scottish targe date from 16th.century (although there’s an act of the Scottish Parliament from mid 15th.c which does mention of the ‘round leather target’ ‘eythir of ledder or…

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Castles with Ghosts

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Tulloch Castle, Dingwall Scotland. Tulloch is the seat of Clan Davidson Tulloch has a “Green Lady” Ghost Castles with Ghosts Buildings with long histories tend to collect legends and stories like the moss on their stonework. There have usually been some dire deeds carried out within their walls which give rise to tales of ghosts and tortured spirits still, occasionally, to be seen walking (or floating) around. Scottish castles are no exception. Haunted Castles of Scotland provides an comprehensive selection but here are a few for starters: Borthwick Castle, Lothian – an apparition of Mary Queen of Scots, dressed as…

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Scottish Bagpipes

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The origins of the pipes in Scotland are uncertain. Some say it was a Roman import. Others believe that the instrument came from Ireland as the result of colonization. Another theory is that they were developed there independently. Historians can only speculate on the origins of the Scottish clans’ piob mhor, or great Highland bagpipe, but the Highlanders were the ones to develop the instrument to its fullest extent and make it, both in peace and war, their national instrument. As a musical instrument of war, the Great Pipes of the Highlands were without equal, according to historians. The shrill…

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My Ancestry

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FREEDOM: THE SCOTLAND CONNECTION See the Scotland Connection November 27, 2012 by Dr. Marshall Foster   The nation most responsible for America’s love of freedom is Scotland. The spirit of bravehearts like William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and John Knox still runs deep in the American soul. To understand our best great hope for recovering freedom and prosperity in America today, we must understand the Scottish fight for liberty. As the 14th century neared, the English King Edward Long Shanks was brutally tyrannizing the Scots and men like William Wallace. Hyper-taxation, land theft, and wholesale murder without trial broke all…

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Back in Scotland…

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The Clydesdale, first bred on the Carmichael Estates at the edge of the Carmichael Estates in Lanarkshire, is the Carmichael Church where one of the stained glass windows is dedicated to the Clydesdale horses first bred at Carmichael in 1826. This put the working farm on the map, and yes, this is a unique dedication but the artwork is lovely and worth a look. The Clydesdale is a unique breed of draught horses first bred on the Carmichael Estates in Lanarkshire, Scotland. The name “Clydesdale” is from the deep valley region along the River Clyde where the shires have been…

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