gold leaves

   “For the time has come for thee to reap,

   For the harvest of the earth is ripe” Rev. 14:15


Often, God chooses the simple things in nature, the earthy, mundane things of our lives to help us see a greater truth. The things familiar, often repeated in the cycle of life, are the things He chose to declare Himself, to proclaim His love and mercy to all who will receive it. No wonder the shepherd boy wrote in his psalm, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork.”

Harvest time is one of those beautiful truths that bring the heart of His message to humankind to a reality that is easily understood. Have you thought about the harvest lately?

There is a time in life when the years of planting and sowing, of watering and weeding cease for a time and we behold a harvest, the yield, the product of our own cultivation. For the Christian, it is a happy time; a long awaited time of harvesting the fruit of our love and labor. Planting is not so difficult, nor is the watering, but the toil of cultivation, the back breaking work of weeding and hoeing, seem like an endless and  thankless task. But then, at last, the harvest comes and all our labor seems worth the effort. The end result of all that we may sacrifice to produce a worthy yield, a bountiful harvest, will someday be a blessing in the winter of our lives.

When my children were small, I thought the time would never come when I would cease the often mundane and temporal duties of motherhood to pursue some interest of my own. But the time did come and how glad I am to see the harvest of those fleeting days. God sends the seasons on the earth to help us see how swiftly change can come into our lives. How careful we must be to work in every season of our life; to plant when springtime warms the earth and labor through the summer days. Then, in harvest time, to bring to God the precious labor of our love.  ©ruthellinger2000