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Author Ruth Carmichael EllingerThe Wild Rose of Lancaster

1st Book in the Wildrose Trilogy
Ambassador International Publishers


Written by award-winning author, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger, The Wild Rose of Lancaster is an historical novel with a dynamic inspirational theme based on the true-life story of Elizabeth Davidson Carmichael, whose colorful life and bold determination changed her from a spoiled, self-willed young widow into a woman who set a precedent for independence. In a day when it was not socially acceptable for a woman to succeed by her own merit, Elizabeth is determined to achieve this goal. Within her veins flow the fiery Scottish blood of her father and grandfather, sons of a Highland clan immigrating to America in the mid 1700s.

The challenges of life become overwhelming when Elizabeth’s young husband, Samuel, dies leaving her penniless. Filled with bitterness toward God over the untimely death of her husband and the loss of her home, Elizabeth’s faith is shattered. Desperate, she is forced to return to Wildrose, the family owned thoroughbred farm situated in the picturesque Ohio Valley. Elizabeth vows to make a life for herself and her young son without the aid of God or family. Her affluent father, the controlling and powerful Isaac James Davidson, owner of Wildrose, is angered and disgraced when Elizabeth refuses his help and takes a job as a housekeeper and nurse for a local doctor and his invalid wife. Their fiery conflicts drive Elizabeth from the family home, but not from the prayers of her God fearing mother, Delilah, and her devoted brothers.   more…


Author Ruth Carmichael EllingerWild Rose of Promise

2nd Book in the Wildrose Trilogy
Ambassador International Publishers


Award-winning Author, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger, continues the Davidson saga with Elizabeth Davidson Cameron, the impulsive and independent young widow who is overwhelmed with doubt when Dr. Stephen Whitman proposes marriage. Her high spirits and stubborn ways, characteristic of her Scottish ancestry and cause her much grief. Refusing marriage, she throws herself into the ongoing Suffrage Movement, sending her on a dark and dangerous journey.

Too late, she realizes her love for Dr. Stephen Whitman, but he has found a new interest and will soon be going away. How can she win him back and would he still want her?

Jacob, youngest son of the influential Davidsons of Lancaster Ohio, is devastated when the law of sowing and reaping come to his own doorstep, dashing any hope of a future with Caroline, and unknowingly leaving a child alone and unwanted. Jacob is forced to make a decision that will alter the future for the youngest of the Davidson sons. As Jacob of old, he wrestles with God and finds the touch of God that cripples, becomes his strength.

Entering the new decade of 1880, Isaac and Delilah Davidson endeavor to put the pieces of their estranged marriage back together.Isaac finds his Christian faith a challenge, and Delilah prays for God to untangle the web of doubt and mistrust, and bring Isaac back to her.

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Ohio Valley, the Davidsons of Wildrose face the challenges of life in the new decade.   more…


Author Ruth Carmichael EllingerSword of the Wild Rose

3rd Book in the Wildrose Trilogy
Ambassador International Publishers


When his young wife is murdered in a senseless raid, Derick Davidson, son of a Scottish chieftain, seeks revenge. He is suspect by the English authorities and flees Scotland, arriving in Boston at the onset of the American Revolution.

Inside his heart, another war rages—a deadly conflict that challenges the very core of his political and spiritual beliefs. He follows one burning desire—to be free.

Daniel Morgan, frontiersman and Patriot, befriends Derick. He takes him to Virginia where he meets the winsome and beautiful Kearan Mackenzies. He teaches her to sword fight and Kearan learns the secrets of his troubled past. She tells him of another freedom—a liberty greater than King or country has to offer.

Derick is reunited with his uncle the Longhunter, former soldier of the Black Watch, and they fight in the first battle of the American Revolution. After the battle, they are captured by Wyandot Indians. Escape seems impossible, death inevitable. During this terrible impasse, the Longhunter points Derick to another weapon—a two edged sword that slashes to the very thoughts of his heart.

Filled with danger, intrigue, and unconditional love, Sword of the Wild Rose is the story of one man’s spiritual journey from the depths of heartbreak and revenge to the liberating experience of divine forgiveness.   more…


by Ruth Carmichael Ellinger and other contributing authorsWomen of  the Secret Place

52 Inspiring Devotional Readings
Ambassador International Publishers


Facing the challenges of life with faith, hope, and humor is not just a walk in the park. This collection of real-life experiences and glimpses into a woman’s personal relationship with God will inspire confidence to trust Him for every circumstance of life.

In those secret moments with the Creator, those significant, never-to-be-forgotten moments, we truly learn to live, to resolve life’s most difficult problems. In those quiet moments with the mysterious presence of the Most High, we understand who He is and who we are, and the beauty of this relationship.

As you read the fifty-two devotionals in WOMEN OF THE SECRET PLACE, you will laugh, cry, and gain a new appreciation for God’s unique and special plan for you as a woman.

The power and beauty of story is captured in the spiritual reflections of award-winning author, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger, and other contributing authors who candidly share their experiences.


Author Ruth Carmichael EllingerOn A Snowy Christmas Eve: A Much-Loved Christmas Story

Kindle and Nook Edition
Lighthouse Publishing


The endearing true story of an aging artist, bitter with life and the family he once loved. The vinegary old man and his dog, Rudy, live in a small Canadian village nestled in the heart of British Columbia. Who can change such a bitter, broken heart? The answer comes when Bernie faces himself and his past during a children’s Christmas pageant.

This bittersweet and stirring story is for all ages, for all who believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, God’s gift to the world. If you are looking for spiritual significance during this highly commercialized holiday season and want your family to understand the “true” meaning of Christmas, then this story is for you. What makes the beautifully written narrative so special is that it really happened, not so very long ago on a snowy Christmas Eve.


Author Ruth Carmichael EllingerChristmas Comes to Ernie

Book and Audio CD – $9.98
(price includes shipping)
Illustrated by:
Kathi Nettleton
ISBN 0 9761833 01
Published by Lamplighter Publishers, 2000


An 8×11, 28 page illustrated book with soft cover and a cassette tape of the story. The music of David Combs accompanies the read-along recording.
In a world caught up in the materialism of Christmas, the true meaning of Christ’s birth is lost among the tinsel and foil wrapping. Christ Comes to Ernie depicts the life changing salvation message that Christ brought to mankind.

The story takes place in a small village nestled in the mountains of Canada and tells the story of an old man whose only comfort in life is his dog Frisky. He has become embittered by the circumstances of life, but finds that miracles still happen, even in the evening time of life. Ernie faces himself one snowy, blowy, Christmas Eve when he keeps a promise made to a little boy.

The book and audio CD are on sale from September to December for $7.98 + $2.00 shipping.


Recipes from: The Box in the Closet under the Stairs


recipes_from_the_box_in_the_closet_under_the_stairs_with_drop_shadowBy: The Carmichael Sisters
Copyright Carmichael’s Closet,



Due to the popularity of this best selling family cookbook, a new edition including all the family favorites in addition to other palate pleasing recipes from the box, will be available in spring of 2014. Check back to this site for details of this new collection of, Recipes from: The Box in the Closet Under the Stairs.

The original edition is available on but on the secondary market only.

Comments from an cookbook collector:

A scarce and basic (the bread section starts off with a recipe for making BUTTER from scratch) cookbook. Features recipes and nostalgia from generations of an Ohio farming family. “During the long winter of 1999, we cared for our mother who was terminally ill. She told us of an old box that she kept in the closet under the stairs…”

There are 10 tabbed sections: Soups and Salads; Yeast Breads and Quick Breads; The Main Course; Sides and Singles; Pasta and Pizza; Pastry, Pies, Puddings; Candies and Cookies; Cakes and Cobblers; Jams, Jellies, Food Preservation; Your Mother’s Kitchen.

After the third printing, this collection of family recipes from the kitchen of the Carmichael farm near Sugar Grove, Ohio has been retired. It is said to be one of the best collection of family recipes to be found. The book also contains an interesting collection of artwork, old photos, and nostalgic tidbits from the past. This is a cookbook you can take to bed with you.

“When we opened the box, we found hundreds of recipes from previous generations as well as nostalgia and clippings from every time period that mom had lived through. We compiled the recipes into a book to reflect the time period of several generations.”