Teaching a Writing Workshop

This month, Wright and I spent some time at Wildrose Cottage, catching up on some much needed book promotion and re-stocking of the Wildrose series at various stores that market my books. Since the setting for the series is in FairfieldCounty, the interest in the books and various related topics are sometimes demanding for this author who does not live locally. So…I plan a number of events during the week before my hubby flies home for the weekend.
This time, I had a high school class reunion planned, a book signing, and a radio interview all in the same week. Of course, I wanted to look my best so my high school chums would at least recognize me!
The radio interview was first. The hour long prerecorded “Talking with Tina” was scheduled for Wednesday. We arrived at the cottage on Tuesday and I was looking over my talking points on the way to the studio. I was a bit distracted to say the least. Getting out of the car, I tripped over the car stop, did a three point landing on the cement on my right side. Thank the Lord, nothing was broken but my face and arm was skinned, and (oh no!) my Brighten sunglasses which probably saved my face from further damage, were ruined. Needless to say, no interview happened that day. I rescheduled with Tina and went to the cottage to ice myself down. I attended the reunion with wrist band on wrist, scabs on nose and forehead, and purple lips. So much for looking good! Oh…vanity. The Lord knows how to keep us humble.